Why do Turks throw water when somebody travels?

Why do Turks throw water when somebody is about to go off on a journey? – ‘Su gibi git, su gibi gel’ – Go like water, return like water.

What a glorious excuse to randomly throw some water into the air! As a learner of Turkish you may have already witnessed the theatrical scene as somebody who is about to head off to the south of Turkey for a weeks all inclusive holiday in a 3 star hotel in Antalya. Just as they have put their suitcase into the taxi a little old Anneanne comes out with a glass of water and hurls it into the direction of the car and squeaks ‘Su gibi git, su gibi gel!‘.

How to do it like a pro!

As you can see from above the phrase ‘su gibi git, su gibi gel‘ means ‘Go like water, come (back) like water’. The metaphor here is that your journey should be nice and smooth like water flowing from a stream down a mountain. No traffic jams at the airport and no extra charges from the budget airline charging you extra because you turned up with extra luggage.

Then you also need to return like water – ‘su gibi gel’. Make sure your don’t overdo it a the all inclusive hotel breakfast buffet and get back safely to Anneanne all in one piece.

Now you know why Turks throw water when somebody is about to go on a journey. Just remember it’s a has to be a reasonable long journey. Don’t drench your Turkish friend in water when they say goodbye to you in the restaurant!

Why do Turks throw water when somebody goes on a journey
Iyi Yolculuklar! Remember exercise caution when throwing water.

Keep up your amazing journey of learning Turkish. Soon you will be fluent. Su gibi git, su gibi gel!

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