What does hadi mean in Turkish?

what does hadi mean in turkish

Hadi, or haydi which is the correct spelling but is often shortened to hadi. It means come on and is a great space filler. You can hear it all the time in spoken Turkish. Let’s have a look at the contexts that it can be used in.

Come on!

In this case it is a like for like translation of the English phrase come on. If somebody is taking too long to do something and you want them to hurry up you can fire off a hadi or even a couple of hadis to make them speed up.

- Sharon, geç kalıyoruz hadi
- Bekle Kevin, makaj hala yapamdım
- Hadi, hadi

- Come on Sharon, we are getting late
- Hold on Steve, I haven't done my make up yet
- Ffs come on!

Now you can really annoy your Turkish friends by shouting hadi at them when they slow you down.

Hadi also combines with other words to make some common phrases.

Yeah right

Hadi be! Said in a sarcastic tone and a dismissive wave of the hand would mean you are clearly expressing sarcastic disagreement with, or disbelief at, what someone has said.

- Ben altı'da kalktım ve on beş kilometre koştum
- Hadi be!

- I was up at the crack of dawn and went for 15k run
- Yeah right (sarcastically)

We shall see, won’t we

Hadi bakılım can be translated as we will see with the hadi giving it more emphasis. So if someone is discussing their plans to start a new business you can end the conversation with a hadi bakılım

- Yeni bir iş kuracağım ve çok para kazanacağım.
- hadi bakalım

- I'm going open my business and have a one mil turnover after year one
- We shall see

I really must go

Hadi can also be used as a word to wrap up a conversation. So when your friend is boring you with some dull gossip you can say hadi to announce the chat is over.

- Sonra dedi ki kız onu hiç aramamış, düşünebiliyor musun?
- (esner) İnanılmaz, neyse, hadi benim gitmem lazım, bye

- So anyway he says that she never called, I can't believe that
- (yawning) that's crazy, anyway I got to go now, bye

That’s it for today. It’s time for you to start practising your Turkish, hadi!

What? you’ve already done your Turkish practice for today? – hadi be!

And you reckon you will be fluent in Turkish in six months – hadi bakalım.

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