The multi purpose buyrun!

Welcome Turkish learners!

If you are visiting Turkey and you don’t know any Turkish yet then I suggest you to learn the word ‘buyrun’, pronounced ‘Boo-Ron’. Then walk around in the markets and streets with restaurants and you’ll be guaranteed to hear this word – buyrun! Any trader worth his salt can belt out five buyruns in an almost musical crescendo.

what does buyrun mean in turkish
buyrun, buyrun, buyrun, buyrun, buyruuuun!

So what does it mean then?

It has no single equivalent word in English and it can be used in different ways.

Market traders or restauranteurs will use it as way of enticing you into their shop or establishment. In this sense it kind of means ‘hey, how can I help’ or ‘roll up, roll up’. As you can see there’s really no direct translation. Some people translate it as ‘yes, please’ but who stands outside their shop and shouts ‘yes please’ at passers-by.

– Buyrun, buyrun, buyrun, dört tane yüz bin!

– Roll up, roll up, four for a pound!

You can also say ‘buyrun’ if someone has asked you for something and you give them what they wanted.

– Steve bana tuzu verir misin?

– Buyrun (tuz veriyor)

– Steve, can you pass the salt?
– Sure, here you are (passes the salt)

Back on the retail theme, one could translate ‘buyrun’ as ‘how can I help you?’. So, for example, I walk up to the ticket office and stand there looking a bit gormless before the guy in the ticket office ask’s me – Buyrun?

– Buyrun?
– Ankara’ya gidiş donuş bilet ne kadar?

– How can I help you?
– How much is a return ticket to Ankara?

Still more meanings?

We are not done with translations for ‘buyrun’ yet. You are sitting at a table with some colleagues at work and you open a packet of biscuits and you say ‘help yourselves everyone’. In Turkish buyrun fits perfectly for this.

(bisküvi açılıyor)

– buyrun arkadaşlar

(opens a packet of biscuits)
– help yourselves guys

Buyrun! That’s it for a summary of the meaning of buyrun. Have I missed out any other contexts where you could use it? If so let me know in the comments.

Me doing my best buyruns

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