The meaning of ‘kolay gelsin’

Imagine the scenario, as you leave your house you walk past your neighbour who is pruning their roses. Your eyes meet and you feel inclined to say something about the task he’s performing. You try to rustle up a quick, witty sentence – “Nice, erm roses Steve, they look great” – is the best you can come out with. But you filled that awkward space with some words and now you can go about your business in peace. In Turkish there is a simpler solution to this you just say,

“kolay gelsin Steve”

and you are done.

Kolay gelsin!

It means ‘take it easy’ right?

It is basically a pleasant saying to somebody who is working. Kind of like saying ‘have a good work’. Kolay means easy and gelsin means let it come so what you are directly saying is ‘let it come easy’ but that doesn’t really work in English so maybe what might be a closer translation is ‘take it easy’. Nope, you say take it easy in the same way as you say ‘take care’ so that doesn’t work.

What does it mean then?

Well it’s another one that you can’t really translate. You say it to anyone who is working. They maybe working in their office, cleaning their car or baking a cake. And remember if someone says it to you when you are hard at work remember to thank them for their kind wish.

– kolay gelsin

– sağol kardeşim

– have a good work
– thanks bro!

Once you’ve learned this phrase you can combine with ‘hadi bakalim’ and sing along to one of the all time iconic songs for learners of Turkish. Dancing around your living room singing the catchy verses over and over again of this Sezen Aksu belter.

wait for it …..

  • hadi bakalım kolay gelsin
  • hadi bakalım kolay gelsin
  • hadi bakalım kolay gelsin

That’s it then. Keep working hard at learning Turkish.

Kolay gelsin!

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